J.D. Diffenbaugh, Inc. has been a construction industry leader in southern California for nearly six decades. Established by John (Jay) Diffenbaugh, the company is now well into its third generation of ownership with Jack Hawkins, Jr. as CEO and owner since 1993.

One of the hallmarks of Diffenbaugh’s success through the years has been its very diverse portfolio which includes Class A office buildings, K-12 and Higher Education facilities, industrial warehouses, healthcare facilities, big-box and power center retailers, auto dealerships, banks, public work, hotels, churches, and high-tech centers. Diffenbaugh’s Special Projects Division is dedicated to interior tenant improvement, renovation, and single-story ground-up construction projects.

In a thread that runs through all of its activities, Diffenbaugh is committed to “Building Excellence” in providing the highest quality and value to each of its clients as it expands into new markets.


Diffenbaugh's Safety Policy is to provide a safe work environment and to eliminate personal injuries, property and equipment damage.

Personal health and safety of employees is the primary concern. Compliance with all safety rules is a condition of employment.

All supervisors, superintendents, and management are responsible and held accountable for the safety performance of employees under their supervision. Safety will never be sacrificed for production. The safety program's success can only hinge on full cooperation and compliance with the safety regulations.

Diffenbaugh provides a safe place to work for each employee. No other aspect of the employee's assignment shall take precedence over personal safety. Diffenbaugh will never require an employee to work in an unsafe manner or in an unsafe environment.

As it understands such laws, Diffenbaugh strictly adheres to the safety codes of those authorities within whose jurisdiction it conducts business. Likewise, each employee shall comply fully with all such safety regulations.

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